Monday, October 19

if we r gud wif someone, do we be like 'em??

with regard to my entry title above, i just wondering how can that Qs can appear in one's mind??? for the whole of my life, i've never expected that Qs will be ME!!! i'm quiet shocked for sure...oppss, not really 'quite shocked' but greatly shocked!!

last night, someone called me.. i thought it was my heart, but it was someone that i not completely known.. he used to be my bf's boyfren, he is D.. so, i dont know how to assumed my relationship wif we can be considered as fren??? urmm, maybe laaa....

so, back to the story.. D called me last nite and we had a long conversation on many topics... then, at one time, he asked me about his ex, A... i told him that she was fine as we had seen each other during last weekends.. then, D flashed back on his love story and how they can break off so sudden.. i just heard on what he'd bebelkan.. blaa..blaaa...blaa...

somehow, at one stage he'd said something that i really2 cant take it!!!

D : is it A a social gurl??
Me : yeah, she always going out.. she have a lot of frens, so no wonder if she always out, isnt she??
D : after we clashed, she had many scandals rite??
Me: i dont know that, all iknow is that she have many frens..
D : ok2, she loves to enjoy n a social gurl
Me : what u mean by that??
D : urm, nothing..
Me : ok then..
D : so, u is her bestfren... well, i suppose, u also same as her - a socialize gurl!! do u?


i felt like i've been shot, am i dead?? hahahaha... oh gosh, who he think of himself!! i really hate that!! oh man, i know u r a soldier, but u dont have the rite or deserve to judge me like that!!

damn!! sorry to say that, but as long as i know we had never met, even ONCE!! we had only a phone conversation before this... i dont really know who r u... and thanks, i dont need what the words that u had describe me as SOCIAL and such things... i just accept those criticizes from one who close to me...

by the way...u said that u r in major battle rite now, n u might die one day for the sake of ur job.. for that, wif fully of my heart, i forgive u for all things that u've done, not only for last nite, but also before this... this is the second time u hurt me wif ur words.. its ok for me... coz i know, the first time u had, u felt guilty to me until today, am i rite???

to D, i wish u gudluck in ur battle.. do take care of urself out there...

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