Saturday, October 31

hidup ini tidak seindah cte novel

i'm watching a chinese movie just now.. it was about a woman named Bingo who suffered the breast cancer illness.. she pretending to be tough when the doctor claimed her sickness.. she tried to commit suicide twice! but fortunately, she cancel them... then, came a doctor, he try his best to cheer Bingo to face her problem and to have a surgery... at last, Bingo realized that she can make a different by being positive on her sickness and having the surgery.. what a brave action she took, and later she had a very happy life..

well, itu a short summarize on the movie i'd watched... while c'chemp ngah nengok cte tu, my mom raise an issue about something that make my mind to think for a while.. my mom tanya:
" kak, pernah tak berangan ke teringin ke when u duduk kat canteen ke cafe ke.... a guy reach u, then say 'hi'??"

urrmmmmm...teeeeeetttttTTT!!! umi2x.. ngape la tetibe tanya akak camtu..
haih, terpengaruh ngan cte cina td tu la an!! hahahaha..

to be frank, i do berangan to have such situation in my life..
* there is a guy, secretly admire me.. always be whenever i be... one day, that guy approaches me, and hulurkan tangan and say hi.. boleh kte jadi kawan?? since than, we be a friend and so on..*

wow, such a sweet dream an?? heee.. tapi itu sume tak terjadi kepada semua manusia kat dunia..
if ade pon, it just about 1:1000 kot...
tapi, sape yg pernah ade kes mcm ni, u r such a lucky person!!!

yela, selalunye, kite hanya akan perasan situasi mcm ni ble kte baca novel2 cinta... the unexpected incident, kekalutan dlm relation, antara 2 darjat, lastly is whether happy or unhappy ending.....
sume yg tertulis kat dlm novel tu kte akan suke, kite akan admire dan akhirnya kte akan letak diri kte sebagai watak didalam novel tu...

realiti vs imaginasi.. mana satu yg kte nak pilih.. mungkin kite boleh pilih utk jdkan jalan cerita dlm novel or any movie as our life.. tapi ble pikir balik, kite ni hidup dlm dunia yg realiti... xmungkin kte boleh create our life to be 100% as what happen in the novels...

ade org yg lifestyle nye seems so perfect on our eyes an.... kekadang tu jeles jer nengok kan, tp kite simpan jer diam2.. dgn harapan hidup kite juga akan se-perfect org lain.. tapi let it be, maybe ade hidden miracle in our life yg lagi better dr org tu..

keep on sedar kan diri kte jgn too eager, jgn too tamak dlm hidup ni..
dan jgn too memilih dlm apapepun!
always bersyukur.. always ingat nak wat baik...
always menjadi seorng yg tidak membebankan org lain...



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