Wednesday, June 16


oh dear~~ just came back from the most visited place during world cup in malaysia, the MAMAK's STALL...hahahha...last 1hour, my dad and i went to mamak's stall here named as-Salam...when arrived there, all the seats are full with customers..ouh no~~ no place, no seat, no teh tarik!!! aiyaa~~~ how come??? how come??

why?? well, its world cup fever!! so, thats why laaa all the seats are full...hahhaa...but, we are lucky then because finally my dad and i managed to find a table for us...yeaaaa~~~ then, "mamak~~ teh tarik satu!!! laici satu!! roti canai satu!!!".... the BEST dialogue ever at mamak's stall!!!

during the time, the match between Portugal and Ivory Coast...just 30mins left for 2nd half....i see, all the customers are very excited when watching the match..well, the stars are there..Ronaldo and Drogba laaa~~ hahaha...

but, the most delightful scene that i see is that 1malaysia people...malays,indians and chinese (well,indons also have....Oppsss) all of us, are able to seat together under 1roof...even also, at 1table... such a precious thing we have as we lived in we?? i'm 100% right!!! lalalalala... =)

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