Thursday, February 3

blOgwalkin' : hanis zalikha, fatin liyana

at last, i managed to have a visit to the famous amOs blogger in malaysia which are HANIS ZALIKHA and FATIN LIYANA. no wonder the have the very-very large number of followers because they have an interesting blog to be read... plus, both of them are beautiful girl!! hahaha... well, that's the fact...

i've seen hanis zalikha once in the newspaper before...she's got the look! no argument! wawawa... she's also a model and had travel to many places around the world, a lot ya'll!! OMG - i'm envy! hehehe... fatin liyana also a model since i've read her entry about her photoshoot! wow, she's cute... am i jealOus?? no laa, i'm cuter whattt!! hahahaha, so perasaan! just joking tau fatin are the dr.cute!

urm, like to have another site visit to other blogs tOday! so, if any interesting blog i've found, i'll let ya'll know soon okay! stay tuned... oh ya, do have a visit to the link up there tau~

p/s: blogwalking, is toll free!! wawawawa...


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