Thursday, August 5


hmm...just having my breakfast+lunch=brunch with my dearest bf, azani....i eat a lot today!!! nyum3x... well, i'm having my ungs2030 class early this morning with dr.zainiy...just recognized that, i' more and more like+love to be in the class... why?? of course because of the knowledge, as well as because of dr.zainiy himself... i'm so adore on how he project his lectures to all of us.. included with jokes, examples and his sense of humours... thumbs up to him!!!! yeayyy~~~

what next?? ouh ya, last night...had my fardhu ain was a good class and its going to be better (hopefully)... our ustazah, sis aisyah just be entitled as the BEST DEBATOR (in arabic) among the ASEAN universities!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wowwww~~~ she's rock!!!

okay, on 3.30pm is my calculus 1 class...then, i have my circuit tutorial class... next.....??? to be determined soon~~ heeee..

ok, have to take SOME rest!!! chaw~~~


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